IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
9-12 January 2021 // Virtual Conference

3rd International Workshop on Security Trust and Privacy for Emerging Cyber Physical Systems (STP-CPS’21)

3rd International Workshop on Security Trust and Privacy for Emerging Cyber Physical Systems (STP-CPS’21)

Aim and Scope

With the technological advancements in the digital era, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are prevalent in many elements of our daily lives, such as healthcare, communication, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, and power grids. The resulting system is very complex, especially when several CPS need to be combined to achieve a common goal. Being the consumers of such large yet complex networked CPS environment, we typically overlook the underlying Security, Trustworthiness, and Privacy (STP) aspects. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and technology are being increasingly deployed as consumer gadgets that are constantly interacting with the physical world to achieve real-time situational awareness for the users. However, the effectiveness of CPS in consumer market is significantly contingent on remediation of cybersecurity risks, establishment of complete trust, and resilient privacy-aware communication techniques. The consequences of unintentional misconducts or malicious attacks could have severe repercussions on human lives as well as the environment. Therefore, secure, trustworthy, and privacy aware CPS has become an important research direction in academia, industry, and government agencies due to its crucial importance to improve the quality of service and accuracy of situational awareness.

Over the past decade, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has become a promising technology for dealing with open issues and challenges in the cellular network. Considering the strength of the SDN features, the integration of SDN and CPS would be efficient enough to provide scalable, reliable, secure, and efficient communication in the heterogeneous infrastructure. On the other hand, the features of Blockchain technology can also be used to increase the reliability and robustness of the CPS network. It has potential to ensure trust in information transactions executed autonomously between CPS without the need for a trusted third party. However, integration of such cutting-edge solutions in CPS must be well explored to enable paradigm shift and develop innovative approaches to achieve STP in emerging CPS.

The workshop will serve as a forum for sharing experiences and outcomes with protocol design, real testbeds, experimental evaluation, prototyping, and empirical characterization of innovative approaches that address security, trust, and privacy challenges of emerging CPS environments.  This workshop will also facilitate discussions on unresolved issues in the field, such as blockchain-based security solutions of critical infrastructures, secure and resilient system architectures, protocols and applications for softwarized CPS environment, SDN capabilities in critical CPS infrastructures, and other key challenges in the emerging software-defined CPS. This workshop will focus on techniques, experiences and lessons learned with respect to state of the art for the security, trust, and privacy aspects of CPS along with some open issues.

Important Dates:

  • Paper Submission Deadline: 16 October 2020
  • Acceptance Notification: 2 November 2020
  • Final Camera-Ready: 20 November 2020